Justin Bieber's losing some of his swagger… sorta. Justin's road manager and "swagger coach" Ryan Good has decided to move on and leave life as part of Team Bieber. "All u asking… Ryan is going to pursue some of his dreams… We encourage him to go after his. He will always b a part of this family. Always," Justin's manager Scooter Braun Tweeted.

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"Love u man," Justin Tweeted along with this video of Justin and Ryan in Justin Bieber: Never Say Never:

Ryan Tweeted back, "Gonna miss you too lil bro. See you when you're back in LA!" One good thing moving back to L.A.? Ryan gets to spend more time with his girlfriend — Pretty Little Liars' star Ashley Benson!

If you could hire a new Swagger Coach for Justin Bieber, who would you choose? Why?

Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber/Twitter

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