Niall Horan has a type—and it sounds a lot like his first crush Selena Gomez. The "Slow Hands" singer had a telling interview about his career plans with Billboard magazine, but they also delved a bit deeper into his personal life and his love life.

Niall has not had an official girlfriend that the public knows about since he became famous as a member of One Direction, but he told the magazine that he has been in love twice but also saying that “it could have been lust.” So, what is the truth?

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At first, it was rumored that Niall and Selena were a thing, and earlier this year people thought he was dating the singer's best friend named Courtney Barry after they were seen hanging out at Disneyland but he denied those rumors. As far as Sel goes, not only was she his first celeb crush but apparently, he also thinks rather highly of her.

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“Selena is the ­perfect role model for young girls. It takes balls to go in front of the world and share your problems," he told the music mag.

Though he is happy being single and enjoying time alone, the singer said he likes a specific type of girl.

“I think I got a type, anyway. Dark hair, dark eyes. Someone I can see as a friend. At the moment, I’m enjoying being 23. I only get one go at me 20s. I’d like to give it me best go,” Niall said. His type sounds a lot like Sel, doesn't it?

Niall and Selena continue to be friendly, which is how the singer is usually with his rumored exes since he is also still friends with Ellie Goulding. Niall also has befriended his crush's ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, and said that aside from golfing together, the "Sorry" singer has given him advice about his music.

“Bieber told me that you never really know when you’re finished [with an album]. He thought he was done [with Purpose] and then got 'Love Yourself' at the last minute. I thought my album was finished, and then I went on a bit of a run ’cause I was writin’ crap stuff up until then.”

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It is difficult to imagine anyone disliking the charming Irish guy, so it is pretty obvious how he has made friends with some of the biggest names in the industry. It also must help that he is part of one of the biggest boy bands the world has ever seen. Who wouldn't be his friend?

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