Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and The Weeknd have made some pretty shocking headlines this week after news hit that Abelena had ended their 10-month relationship. But, now, things have gotten even weirder between the three of them because they have all been spotted wearing each other's coats. We're not kidding either. Selena was caught wearing The Weeknd's jacket – or possibly a replica of the exact same one. AND The Weeknd posted a photo of himself wearing the same jacket Justin wore to see Selena on her birthday back in 2013. Freaky? Yes. Coincidence? We're so not sure.

So, let's take a look at the break down here. Back in September, The Weeknd and Selena strolled through New York City just ahead of her beginning to shoot Woody Allen's yet to be titled film alongside Elle Fanning. They looked super chic and totally comfortable, you know how every couple should look when they are totally in love. Not to mention, The Weeknd had a statement jacket on. No one was going to forget it.

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Okay, cute, cute. The craziest part is that Selena was bike riding with her friend just yesterday in Los Angeles with the same exact coat on. Okay, we might not be dating experts over here or even break-up experts, but don't you usually RETURN the things you still have from your ex after the split? Or at least keep them in a box somewhere you'll never open? Literally, never have we ever heard of someone snuggling up in an ex's jacket after the break-up and we certainly wouldn't think Selena would be the one to do it in the public eye either. But, we were wrong.

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WHAT. THE. Of course, she looks super cute. But, like why??? It's important to remember that this jacket probably wasn't hand stitched specifically for The Weeknd and Selena could have just went out and bought her own, but that seems highly unlikely. Not to mention it looks oversized on her. So how did the Biebs get in the middle of all this? Well, just a day after the break-up news exploded the Internet, The Weeknd posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption, "Toronto Nights ⚡️." He was wearing a green jacket with white stripes on it – the same jacket Justin wore to see Selena on her birthday in 2013. WE. ARE. SHOOKETH.

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We can't be naive here. Justin definitely didn't give his coat to The Weeknd and now four years later it's turning up again. But, clearly, they have the same taste and the same style which is probably one of the reasons Selena was so keen on both of them. They might actually be more alike than we think. Between the clothes, the celebrity status, the huge following of fans, the great voices, there isn't much not to like. It's just completely and utterly crazy that #jacketgate would happen just as the world learns that Selena and The Weeknd are dunzo and she's getting that Bieber fever once again.

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