It’s safe to say Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are truly head over heels in love, and they’re out here flaunting their happiness – easily becoming fans’ new standard of #CoupleGoals. For those longtime JB fans, it’s safe to say everyone has wondered what it would be like to date (or you know, marry) the singer and if he would just burst into song all the time, dedicating every lyric he sings from that moment on to you.

Well, yes, that seems to be what a day in the life of the 21-year-old supermodel he now calls his fiancée is like. The cute AF couple was spotted in London together, and Justin decided to start singing to his lady right outside of Buckingham Palace (AKA, where the Royal Family lives). The 24-year-old singer gave the crowd a rendition of “Cold Water” and a few other tunes. If we’re being honest here, he gave us a major case of the feels. It was just the Biebs and his guitar, like the old days.

justin bieber singing then and now
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But perhaps the sweetest moment was when he said directly to Hailey in front of the crowd that had gathered, “I love you so much. You’re my favorite. That girl right there is the love of my life.”

Seriously, sobbing forever. While it seems like they engaged couple hasn’t officially gotten married yet, we have a feeling their wedding is going to be the most romantic ever. And we’ll just be here waiting for our invite.

Check out the gallery below for more pics of the future Mr. and Mrs. Justin Bieber’s London adventures.

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