ICYMI, every single K-pop star must go through a grueling training period before debuting. While some people take several years to debut, some only take a few months — and others are super young when they start out! Keep reading to see all the K-pop stars who debuted at 15 years old or younger.

One of the youngest idols to debut is BTSJung Kook, who came onto the Bangtan scene at just 15 years old in 2013 with the K-pop group’s song “No More Dream.” Since BTS’ humble beginnings, to skyrocketing to fame and becoming the biggest band on earth, the entire world has pretty much seen Jung Kook grow up before their eyes.

“The members are the ones who taught me to never settle and influenced me to always improve and move forward,” Jung Kook told Rolling Stone India in 2018. “I think the time spent with them has steadily shaped my personality, singing, dancing, and filmmaking.”

Oftentimes, BTS members have revealed that they feel a sense of responsibility over Jung Kook, since he began his career at such a young age. During an interview with Non No Magazine in 2018, BTS rapper Suga spoke about watching his younger bandmate grow up.

“I think it’s cute how the youngest member Jungkook is growing into an adult,” he began. “When I met him for the first time, he was a middle school kid. He didn’t even know how to organize his thoughts to answer interview questions. But now he knows exactly what to say and seeing that makes me feel a little weird, even.”


Now, Jung Kook revealed in a 2021 interview with Vogue Singepore that his bandmates often tell him that “it’s great” that he “hasn’t changed at all” since knowing him. However, the “Seven” singer did open up about how he’s changed the most and how he remained the same over the past decade.

“I was warm-hearted and trusting as a child, and I still am,” he admitted to the outlet. “Until they break my heart, I give my all to those I love. My group mates all acknowledge this. Sometimes, I worry about what’s going to happen, but I’m lucky enough to have my group mates beside me, which is reassuring. But if I depended on them too much, it would be like hiding behind them, so I need to be able to stand on my own.”

We’re so proud of you, Jung Kook! Click through our gallery to uncover more K-pop stars that debuted super young, a.k.a. 15 years old or younger.

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