Dove Cameron's love life has been making headlines this past year, by breaking off her engagement to Ryan McCartan, kissing a girl, and now dating a new guy and the Disney Channel star recently even tweeted that another star, Kat McNamara, was her girlfriend! So what is really going on in her love life?

Dove shared an article from a publication on Twitter, quote tweeting it with a caption that said, "my girlfriend" and a friend even replied asking, "are you confirming you're bi."

A day later Kat posted a photo of her about to kiss Dove on the cheek saying, "Miss this beautiful creature… ?? @dovecameron" only fueling rumors that something was going on between them.

So could there be something building with these two? We doubt it. Dove decided to put all those rumors to rest while she was expressing her emotions on Twitter, saying for the first time publicly that she was in love with Thomas Doherty.

"you guys. let's take a minute to be stoked over the fact that love is a real thing. like. HOW COOL. ITS REAL. WE GET TO FEEL IT," she said.

"i am so happy and so in love and life is good and there are so many colors," she continued.

She was fill with emotions saying: "emotional connections! WHAT EVEN IS THAT. HOW DO WE JUST DO THAT. it's so real!!! and it doesn't happen with everyone!! LOVE, Y'ALL."

A fan tweeted at her asking, "I'm glad but in love with life or like in love with thomas?" and Dove replied saying, "both."

Woah! While she might just be jokingly flirting with Kat it looks like things between her and Thomas are really going strong and getting super serious. We wish this new couple all of the best, and really love seeing these girls expressing their admiration and love for one another for the world to see.


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