Keith Powers is starring alongside Bella Thorne on their new show Famous In Love, and the actor held nothing back when J-14 asked him what it was like working with one of the busiest young women in the industry. While the Shake It Up star might be known to be super carefree and wild at times, Keith is letting the world know that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Bella.

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“Bella is super crazy. Bella is a super free spirit. But I feel like she is super misunderstood. If you don’t know Bella, you won’t think the best of her because she is the elephant in the room and she doesn’t care.”

“She’ll walk in here and say something and you might be thinking like ‘Did she just say that? I was just thinking that but I wouldn’t have said it.’ That’s Bella.”

“I actually really respect Bella. That girl is 19 years old and she is producing a show, acting in a show, writing a short film, directing something, she has like five movies coming out, she’s doing an animation, I’m like ‘Woah, you’re a machine.'”

“She was doing stuff before Disney, and it made her a machine. You can actually learn from her about this industry. She is so smart as far as the industry man, she keeps you on your toes. You can really ask her questions.”

He said Bella is not afraid to take charge on set and to call things out when they are not going the way she expects them. “That’s her. And I love it. If you’re not going to say it, she is going to say it. She doesn’t do it in a rude way. She is very thoughtful.”

“She’s always thinking about the next person. She keeps it real and that is a luxury in this industry.”

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Keith also revealed that Bella got him the sweetest gift and it totally took him as a surprise.

Watch the video below to see what the fancy gift was and to see what else the ‘Famous In Love’ star revealed about his co-star.

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