Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are literal besties and they work together sometimes which means they have essentially traveled all over the world with each other. From Fashion Week in Paris, Milan and New York, there's no doubt that these girls have been on some crazy adventures!

Unfortunately for us, the girls probably aren't super into sharing their wild secrets – until now…sort of. LOL!

Vogue made their way to Kris Jenner's house in California to ask Kendall 73 questions about her life all in light of her gracing the cover of the magazine for the September issue. Fans found out that the model can't live without pasta and her favorite sister right now is Khloe Kardashian!

But heads REALLY turned when she revealed the craziest thing she's ever done with Gigi! Kendall dished, "Umm, one time we were in Cannes and pulled an all-nighter and ended up in Monaco." Wait…what?!

kendall gigi crazy adventure

This is TOO good. Why did they pull an all-nighter? Who were they with? Why Monaco? Were they going to meet boys?! Ahhh, so many questions! The greatest thing about this is that it shows how real Kendall and Gigi are. They aren't these untouchable, perfect, Photoshopped, print cut-outs fans see on an every day basis.

These girls like to have fun and do crazy things with their best friends just like you and me!

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