Dance Moms star Kendall Vertes is used to making headlines over her amazing dance skills, but now she's turning heads for a different reason.

Kendall EXCLUSIVELY chatted with J-14 about her newest project – an emoji app that features faces, objects, clothing, make-up and quotes all inspired by her daily life. Creatively dubbed Kendall KMoji, Kendall gave us the inside scoop about her favorite ones and which she would use if she was trying to flirt with her crush!

kendall emoji

But first, why did she decide to take this project on? Kendall told us, "Well, I’ve been always wanting to do my own app and you know emojis are really popular because they’re just fun to text your friends and you can use them as your emotions and stuff. So I was like, 'I should do an emoji app.' So I kind of created, I think like 200 emojis that are basically my daily emotions or outfits that I wear."

Ahh! So. FUN. Kendall said she's super excited about the launch of the KMojis because it will be a way to interact with her fans! They will be able to express how they are feeling through her faces and share that with her on social media, which will definitely make them feel more connected to the dancer.

kendall dance

Kendall also opened up about one of the biggest challenges she had during this whole process, and it might not be something you expected! She revealed, "I would say trying to eliminate some of the emojis just because we can only have so many for the first launch. Also, I really wanted to perfect them to make them look like me and what my day is."

We'd like to think having too many emojis is a pretty good problem…LOL!


And what is that one coveted Kmoji Kendall thinks YOU should use when texting your crush? "I would probably use my kissy face emoji or a winky face." Sooo, to all the boys out there…watch out for a KMoji kissy face, it may mean more than you think!

Make sure to check out KMoji's on Kendall's website, today! Click through the gallery to see more pics of Kendall with her emojis.

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