Telling her story. Kenzie Ziegler got candid about her childhood in the song “Anatomy,” released on Friday, July 21.

“I was very hesitant to release it at first just because it is so personal, and I don’t think a lot of people know that about me,” the former Dance Moms star told People about the track. “But I also think that it could really help some people that are exactly like me to relate to this and not feel alone.”

The song is about her relationship with her and sister Maddie Ziegler‘s estranged father and was written after a therapy session.

“I had these problems with me and my dad, so I started talking to [my therapist] about that. I started opening up and she said, ‘You should write a letter to your dad,'” Kenzie recalled to Entertainment Tonight. “I felt really weird about doing that, so I genuinely wrote this song just so I could send it to her and be like, ‘Here’s my letter to my dad.’ And then I ended up loving it so much more than I thought I would and I just wanted people to hear it.”

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What Are the Lyrics to Kenzie Ziegler’s ‘Anatomy’?

“With no closure, just getting older / But you still see me as a kid on your shoulders / It’s just anatomy, you’re only half of me / But still, you don’t know me at all,” the song’s chorus reads. “You’ve been my missing piece, so why aren’t you missing me? / Guess I meant less than I thought / It’s just anatomy / Hate that you’re half of me.”

At one point in the track, Kenzie notes that she has “trust issues” from all the apparent “lying” that her estranged father did to her and her sister.

She even seemingly admitted to altering her appearance “like three-quarters of L.A.” because people would note that their “noses are the same.” Kenzie got real about her past relationships revealing that she’s “dated s–tty people ’cause of how you treated mom” and even though she’s found someone “good” there are still “numb” feelings within her.

Kenzie Ziegler Releases 'Personal' Song 'Anatomy': Song Lyrics, Meaning
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What Is Kenzie Ziegler’s ‘Anatomy’ About?

The song is about how she felt about her father while growing up.

“I thought about sending him the song, because everything that’s in the song is exactly how I feel. I’m sure he will hear it,” Kenzie told ET. “I still have so much love. I mean, that’s my dad. I can never hold grudges with people. I still love him deeply and he is a part of me.”

While they have a “tricky relationship,” Kenzie said she’s “OK” with where they stand now.

“I kind of want him to hear it, because it’s how I feel, genuinely. I would never hate on him,” she further explained. “Life happens and that’s just how it goes. I hope he hears it and something good comes out of it.”

Did Maddie Ziegler Listen to ‘Anatomy’?

Kenzie recalled the first time she let her sister listen to the song, recalling that Maddie “bawled her eyes out,” she told ET.

“It’s her favorite song. She actually choreographed the music video for me, so it’s kind of our song that we shared together, which is really awesome, because it’s our experience,” Kenzie added.” I don’t know if I would release it if I didn’t do it with her.”

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