At its peak, Twilight was not only one of the most successful movie franchises of all time, but it was also amongst one of the most beloved movies and book series to ever exist. The main characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan became a huge part of pop culture, and the storyline gave birth to plenty of other vampire and werewolf inspired shows and movies.

It was because of all of this love and success that it had that it came as a surprise to many of its fans when the actors like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson did not seem as excited or proud to have been a part of the movies as people expected them to be, regardless of the fame and other opportunities it gave them. But even though they are both dating different people, with K.Stew going public with Stella Maxwell recently, would they be open to playing an on-screen couple again?

It seems that now a much older and mature Kristen has changed her tune and has said she would consider returning to the saga if the opportunity presented itself. WHAT?!

kristen stewart twilight

While speaking to the Press Association, the actress and now director was asked by a rather slick reporter if she would give her role as Bella Swan another go. When they asked her if she would be interested in going back to the movies' set she said, "We kind of finished the series. We made five movies. I think we kind of did it justice."

This to us means that she believes they have done their job and are pretty much done with it. The reporter insisted, obviously trying to get the answer fans would want, and asked that if she would reprise her role if the author of the series Stephanie Meyer were to write a follow-up to the story. Would she read the book and consider taking on the role again?

"I would definitely be the first to read it, yeah," she said. WOAH, that is a shocker!

bella swan

Based on where the novels left off, we would for sure love to see Bella as a vampire more and see what she is really like. Kristen is giving fans a glimpse of hope with this comment, so all that is left is seeing if the author and Rob are willing to cooperate.

kristen stewart twilight

See the cast's insane transformations from the beginning of the series until the end below.

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