She’s got more cars, clothes, and money than you could ever even imagine, but that doesn’t mean Kylie Jenner is totally unrelatable. She just admitted to having a crush on a fictional character that we’ve definitely all dreamed about once or twice. I’m calling all 13 Reasons Why fans here! Believe it or not but Kylie totally has a thing for Clay Jensen.

We know what you’re thinking, Clay Jensen is totally not Kylie’s type. I mean, let’s take a look at the guys she’s dated or at least had somewhat of a fling with before. The line up goes a little something like this, Jaden Smith, Cody Simpson, Miles Richie, Tyga, PartyNextDoor and Travis Scott. All of these guys are totally edgy and in the spotlight – the total opposite of Clay.

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So, how do we know about her little crush in the first place? Kylie and the rest of the Kardashian Jenner gang graced the cover of The Hollywood Reporter for the new issue and subsequently played a game called ‘Fishing For Answers.’ Kourtney Kardashian picked a piece of paper from a fishbowl and read, “Other than Keeping Up With the Kardashians, what is the best TV show to binge?” Kylie was then quick to answer and said, “Um… 13 Reasons Why, of course…Honestly, Clay [Jensen]… Mmm mmm mmm.” YASS, GIRL.

We’ve decided to compile a list of 13 reasons why Kylie probably thinks Clay is a total babe. These are just our guesses but we’d like to believe Kylie thinks the same way we do.

Reason 1: Clay Jensen pays attention to detail.

I mean, wouldn’t you want a guy that notices when you change your clothes or when you put on a bit of makeup or try out a new perfume? Clay would definitely see it. He noticed when Hannah Baker got a haircut. Every girl wants a guy that pays attention!

Reason 2: Clay Jensen works at a movie theater.

What girl wouldn’t love a guy who could get her free movie tickets? DUH. Obvi, everyone knows the number one place to canoodle is in the movie theater.

Reason 3: Clay Jensen breaks the rules once in awhile.

He’s just right amount of bad boy that every girl needs in her life. Of course, it’s Clay, he plays by the rules. But, sometimes he likes to take risks and sometimes he does break a rule or two and that’s such a turn on.

clay 3

Reason 4: Clay Jensen likes helping people.

Who doesn’t like someone who helps people?! He’s so cute when he plays up that whole tutor role and he really genuinely cares about the sake of others and making sure he can do something to better their lives. That is totally a crush-worthy quality.

Reason 5: Clay Jensen has a plain, generic sense of style.

Clay’s signature look is jeans, a t-shirt, a hoodie and his backpack. To be honest, it’s kind of hot. The boy next door is always boyfriend material.

Reason 6: Clay Jensen is a nice guy.

Hannah even says this about Clay in the tape that she leaves him. He’s kind, he’s nice and he means well. He may not be the star of the football team or someone that has millions of followers on social media but deep down, we’d like to think he’s a good person. We can definitely see how Kylie thinks that’s attractive.

Reason 7: Clay Jensen is not NOT cute.

Sure, he’s a bit awkward. But, he’s got that dark hair and soft skin. I mean, come on guys, he’s cute! He’s got something going on about him that lots of girls would totally swoon over.

Reason 8: Clay Jensen is super sensitive and emotional.

Clay legitimately cries during the series and we definitely love that. Obviously, no one wants a guy that is overly sensitive about every damn thing. But, Clay knows when to show his emotions and a guy that can express that without feeling embarrassed gets a check in our book!

clay 4

Reason 9: Clay Jensen tries to do the right thing.

He has a good moral compass, he really does. Clay tries to do what is best for the people that he loves and for him as a person. While those things may get him into trouble, he means well and that’s all that matters.

Reason 10: Clay Jensen is respectful.

We’d be willing to bet that there’s a lot of guys out there that Kylie has been disrespected by, but Clay would never do that. He knows how to treat people, especially a girl in his life. Of course, Kylie can probably definitely see that.

Reason 11: Clay doesn’t really care what everyone else thinks.

This is a huge one. Kylie is always subjected to opinions from everyone else – good or bad. The fact that she could have a man in her life that could care less about trivial things in life is V attractive. To be honest, Kylie always says she wants to be more “normal.” Clay would definitely help with that.

Reason 12: Clay Jensen is innocent.

He’s just a typical, cute, innocent dude. He’s not about the drama or the chaos. He likes things to be simple. An innocent guy is low key everything.

Reason 13: Clay Jensen is timid but rises to a challenge.

Remember when he climbed a mountain with no harness? Oh yeah, baby! See, he’ll take on a bigger challenge than you may expect which is definitely thrilling. Everything about him, his looks, his personality and his past actions have got us and Kylie totally hooked.

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