It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Kylie Jenner is finally talking about her breakup with ex Tyga on her new reality show Life of Kylie. In a sneak peek for the upcoming episode, the lip kit mogul seems super down in the dumps while dad Caitlyn Jenner and BFF Jordyn Woods are trying to cheer her up.

“I’m tired, I’m sick,” Ky says while laying down in her bed. Caitlyn then asks, “What’s going on? Do you have any life left in you? We’ve gotta do something, you can’t sit around here and mope.” Then in a confessional to the camera, the 20-year-old opens up about what it was like to go through such a public relationship and such a public breakup.

“The hardest part about having a relationship for me is just that it’s blasted all over the Internet,” she says. “You have to hear about other people’s opinions on who you’re with. It’s a lot. Most of the time, it’s just not true. Like, you have no idea what I’m like in a relationship, what kind of bond I have with somebody else. You cannot win with the Internet, there’s no winning. It’s just unnecessary negativity. I feel like I’m in a relationship with the world sometimes.”

This episode will mark the first time Ky will come forward about her mysterious split from Tyga. Fans began speculating back in March when the duo went dark on social media following Valentine’s Day, and since then, rumors have been swirling as to why the two called it quits. One source claimed that the split was caused by T’s infamous money issues.

"Kylie felt that Tyga was taking advantage of her [financially],” an insider previously told Hollywood Life. “Basically Kylie was bored with the relationship, she didn’t feel like it was going anywhere and after 18-plus months Tyga still hadn’t put a ring on it, so, you snooze, you lose… She’s growing into a woman, and needed to make some changes in her life.”

Well, we hope this episode clears things up a bit! Watch the clip from the episode below and tune in for new episodes Sundays at 9 p.m. on E!:

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