Kylie Jenner was inches away from getting into some deep trouble with the law.

The beauty mogul has been selling out of her coveted lip kits for months now and it looks like everything may be catching up to her. Kylie constantly promotes her Kylie Cosmetics brand and logo because why shouldn't she? It's seriously amazing the work that she's doing at just 19 years old. She should be proud!

But, one make-up artist is not too proud of everything Kylie has been doing. Why? Because Kylie allegedly stole this artist's work! No freaking way. Would Kylie actually do something like this? TMZ broke the news and there's so many questions fans have about this crazy bombshell.

Everyone can picture the iconic Kylie lip kit logo with the big lips that have lip gloss dripping off of them. For example, Kylie posted this yesterday with the caption, "Just revealed The Valentines Collection on my Snapchat ? this is my favorite collection so far! Hope you guys LOVE IT ?❤? launching February 2nd … 3pm pst @kyliecosmetics."

This image has literally become something that every fan thinks of when they think of Kylie. However, this image that appeared originally on the Instagram account for make-up artist Vlada Haggerty is strikingly similar.

kylie lips

Yikes. Apparently, Vlada's lawyer said Kylie's brand has a, "history of taking Haggerty's original dripping lip art and passing it off as Kylie's." Because of the whole debacle, Kylie's team took immediate action. The reality star must now give credit on her Instagram post whenever she features the lip art. Kylie has also started promoting Vlada's art for all of her followers to see. Talk about some fabulous promo for Vlada!

Hopefully, Kylie continues to give credit where credit is due.

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