Life of Kylie, Kylie Jenner’s new reality series, premiered yesterday — and naturally, we’re, like, realizing a whole lot more stuff about her. While we can’t wait to get to know the “real” Kylie as her show continues to play out on E!, fans are dying to learn more about Albert Ochoa, the lucky high-schooler that the 19-year-old cosmetics mogul surprised at prom earlier this year. As viewers witnessed on Sunday night’s episode, Kylizzle’s BFF Jordyn Woods put her in touch with Albert’s mom, who said that her son sometimes has trouble fitting in – and was in desperate need of a prom date.

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“Albert is so amazing. He’s really an amazing kid. He’s very emotional. He’s so grateful for anything that happens in his life. He has abandonment issues because his dad left when he was, like, six,” his mom explained to Kylie over FaceTime. “So I think he forgets how to be a kid. I don’t think he knows how.”

Kylie (being the literal ~saint~ she is) agreed to attend the dance at El Camino High School in Sacramento, CA, with Albert and it seriously made his life. When he found out that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians beauty was going to be his date, he appeared almost too stunned to function. Thankfully, his nerves eventually subsided and Albert, Kylie, and Jordyn not only had a blast at prom, but totally shocked his classmates.

Though he may always be remembered as the cutie who went to prom with Kylie Jenner, Albert is so much more. Here’s what we’ve learned about him after stalking his Instagram account. (Please, we know you did the same after the episode ended.)

He’s an aspiring model.

Not long after Life of Kylie’s first installment finished, Albert shared a few professional snaps of himself wearing the all-black tux he wore to prom. “Modeling has been a dream of mine. Fashion has always been important to me,” the handsome West Coast native wrote. “Thanks to everyone who is helping my dream come true.”

He’s mastered the art of thirst-trapping.

On Saturday, Albert shared a sizzling, shirtless snap of himself pouring a smoothie in his kitchen. While he claimed to simply be celebrating #NationalUnderwearDay — by showing off his pink and black Calvin Kleins — he was totally thirst-trapping us. But we’re definitely not complaining because, hello, abs.

He’s a mama’s boy — and our hearts are melting.

Obviously, Albert and his mama are tight. I mean, what other parent would find a way to contact Kylie and convince her to go to prom with their son?! #MomGoals all the way. On July 5, sweet little Al posted a pic of himself and his mother, and wished her safe travels before an exciting vacation. “I hope you’re having an amazing trip over in Iceland! I love you so much Mom!” he wrote. “Be safe!”

His talents include smirking.

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One day I'll give a class on smirking 😏

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On July 10, Albert shared a photo of himself leaning against a fence, sporting a rather smug expression. “One day I’ll give a class on smirking ?,” he wrote alongside the pic. Obvi, we’d sign up for his class faster than you can say “lip kit.”

He’s also a track star.

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All these blessings not really making sense

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Back in March, Albert uploaded a pic of himself and a pal after an apparently great day at track practice. “All these blessings not really making sense,” he wrote at the time. Something tells us this guy’s got even more blessings coming his way.

Life of Kylie airs on E! Sundays at 9 p.m. EST.

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