It's true that Kylie Jenner and Tyga have had a very on and off relationship since they started dating. Yesterday, news broke that they had broken up. A source told People magazine, "They tend to take little breaks all the time and then get back together. It’s definitely possible they’ll work things out again."

However, another source told Hollywood Life that Kylie's older sisters are so ready for her to kick Tyga to the curb once and for all. The insider said, "Kylie’s sisters have agreed that the best way for her to move on from Tyga for good is to start dating again. They have all agreed to find her the perfect rebound! Khloe [Kardashian] is insisting that none of these potential boyfriends include rappers but Kim [Kardashian] vetoed that decision because she says she found a pretty good one!"

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Hmm…while these sources seem to be on completely opposite pages, Kylie is making her own statement about the whole thing. Whatever is going on between her and Tyga probably isn't that bad because she was publicly supporting him and his new music.

Tyga dropped two new songs and Kylie posted videos of herself on Snapchat singing along to the words. The first song, "Act Ghetto" actually mentions her name in the lyrics. Tyga raps, "Gettin' checks like Kylie, yeah, every day I do it, yeah / Yesterday, I did it, every time I'm with her." While the other song, "100s" talks about "counting hunnid, hunnid, hunnid, hunnids."

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While we're not exactly sure what Kylie is trying to do here, it's clear that she might be sending Tyga a message. OR she's sending the world a message about their relationship and these split rumors mean nothing.

Tyga and Kylie have been together for over two years now and thinking back on their history, we don't think they would let this relationship fizzle that quickly without fighting for it. They really do love each other and always somehow end up back in each other's arms. Not to mention, Kylie probably wouldn't be supporting Tyga's music and playing it for all of her Snapchat followers if they were on bad terms.

The split rumors started because they haven't been seen together in public for over two weeks which usually means a celebrity couple is on the rocks. But, Kylie and Tyga play by their own rules.

One thing that we can be positive about, it's really hard keeping up.

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