Can things get any worse for poor Lana Del Rey?! First she splits up from her Italian photographer boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini. Then a woman was arrested for allegedly stealing her convertible, along with a man found living in her Malibu garage! And NOW Lana has had to get a judge to issue a restraining order against two female fans who she fears may kill her! Eeek!

TMZ reported that the 30-year-old claims that the two Russian women are obsessed stalkers who sleep outside her house and leave crazy letters in her mailbox! Lana says she has even moved home to get away, but they some how managed to track her down!

The website also claims that she has now hired a full time bodyguard and off duty policeman for protection. Yikes!

When granting the restraining order the judge also ordered that the women must be at least 100 yards away from Lana and her home.

Lets hope there is no more bad news for Lana in the new year! Do you think Lana is being over the top hiring a full time body guard? Tell us in the comments below!

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