A few days ago, Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui decided that she had about enough when it came to the Twitter trolls who were sending her negative messages in regard to the political opinions she was expressing over social media.

The singer has been quiet on Twitter since then, but has decided to speak out to ET Online about the decision she made, along with the cyberbullying she and other members of 5H have endured by saying, “I feel like a lot of people disregard the scrutiny that people like us are under.”

“We're not all thin, model types, and we're not all perfectly colored. It mind-boggles me that somebody would take time out of their life to make someone feel inferior because of something like that. That to me, is insane,” she continued to say.

Luckily, Lauren isn’t alone when it comes to dealing with this kind of stress and can rely on her fellow bandmates for moral and emotional support. She said, “We try to sit with each other and lift each other up.”

No matter the reason behind Lauren’s Twitter hiatus, we’re just glad that all the girls in 5H are there for each-other no matter what. It’s important to have friends who lift you up and support you through every small or major life event.

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