It's safe to say Lea Michele hasn't had the easiest time in the love department.

After dating Matthew Paetz for over two years, he ended things quicker than she may have hoped. Moving on to Robert Buckley, that relationship only lasted three months! So what's next? We're not entirely sure BUT she was just caught kissing a man 23 years older than her on the beach recently. Wait…what?!

Yup, the rumors are true but we have a feeling a relationship isn't going to come from it. Why? Because the man Lea was caught kissing was her Scream Queens co-star John Stamos and the smooch was part of filming! But, it's still fun to see what they would look like if there were real feelings there, right? Right.

The Daily Mail caught the whole thing and to be honest, we can't look away!

Ahh! For some reason they look too, too comfortable together. Maybe it just goes to show what great actors they are and how close they've gotten since John joined the Scream Queens cast! Can you see anything actually romantic coming from these two??

Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below!

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