It wasn’t too long ago that Lea Michele shared news of her next album being close to finished. At the time the actress didn’t share the name of her next record but in a new interview, Lea did reveal that her follow-up to “Louder,” is going to be titled “Places,” and yes the meaning of how she ended up with the title is absolutely heartbreaking.

Speaking to Billboard about the new album, Lea shared that the overall inspiration for the name came from a book given to her by legendary singer Stevie Nicks. She explained, “I have this incredible book that Stevie Nicks gave me in 2013 when my boyfriend [Glee co-star Cory Monteith] died. She gave me this art book of hers that she put notes in over the years and song lyrics, and then she rewrote personal notes for me that say things like, ‘Keep singing, and have faith.'”

"I was looking through this book and praying that there was an answer in it, somewhere. And there was something in there that said, ‘The only thing that matters is you, and who you are.’ That’s what I’ve been trying to do with this whole record – just connect to me and where I’m from,” she continued to say.

Although the final title itself came from a suggestion from her good friend, Jonathan Groff who played Jesse St James on Glee – it was that connection of reflecting on a personal tragedy that brought the singer back to her roots and ultimately helped give the album a name.

Lea also revealed that the final song on the album will be titled, “Hey You,” but refused to share who or what inspired the song. She only referred to the track as, “extremely special and personal,” – which has fans speculating that this could in fact be a song about Cory Monteith.

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