As if he doesn't have enough on his plate — mastering martial arts, acting and directing — Leo Howard is currently in the process of kicking off his career as a musician. The Disney XD star is now a part of the band Ask Jonesy & Company. Leo describes his transition from the screen to the stage as a pretty natural progression. "Music is something that I’ve always pursued," Leo explains. "It was never at the forefront, just mainly because I never found the good guys I really wanted to play music with."

It seems like Leo has finally found two bandmates that he meshes with perfectly! He recalls, "I found these guys about a year ago and the writing was just so easy. It just flows really well." Lucky for his longtime fans, one of the members of the new band is even from his Kickin' It family. Right next to him playing guitar and singing the lead vocals is Troy Romzek, who played Kai, Jack's super competitive cousin on the series.

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Leo exclusively tells J-14 the details about the formation of the band. One day, he got a call from Troy, who knew Leo played the guitar from the days he would jam on set. On the phone, Troy asked Leo if he'd be interested in starting a group together. The guys decided to sit down together and play a bit, and they liked what they heard.

However, Leo and Troy weren't always as close as they are today. Leo shares, "It’s funny, when I worked with Troy, we never really hit it off even. We were coworkers, we talked when we were at work and that was kind of it." But the bandmates have seriously come a long way since that time. Leo even says of Troy now, "He’s one of my best buds now."

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Since connecting with Troy, the band has formed seamlessly. Troy got in touch with Ricky Ficarelli, the last member of the trio, who he had collaborated with previously. Leo explains, "Everything on paper was there, we just wanted to see if the music was flowing. And so far, it’s flowed the best that we could want it to at the moment." Leo is so right: Ask Jonesy & Company totally rocks together in the group's music video for their second single "Stings."

This isn't the first time that Leo has worked with another member of the Kickin' It fam on some music. Throwback to when he played the love interest in Olivia Holt's "History" music video, bringing back all the Jack and Kim feels! We asked Leo if he would ever work with Olivia on a song, to which he responded an enthusiastic "Yeah, absolutely!" He continues, "I would love to work with her in any capacity. She’s an amazing person and an incredibly talented artist."

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Ask Jonesy & Company will be playing their first show on August 4th, in Los Angeles. More details can be found by clicking here.

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