She might be an up and comer in the public eye, but actress Lexi Underwood comes from a pretty normal family. In fact, the Cruel Summer season 2 star is often sharing sweet tributes to her mom on social media, showing off her family love. Not to mention, Lexi has even gushed over her Nana in various interviews, explaining how her grandmother is an inspiration in her life.

“She grew up in the South in the ’40s and ’50s,” Lexi recalled during an interview with W Magazine from September 2020, noting that her great-grandfather was a “a civil rights leader” from Gastonia. “It was basically the area where all the Black pharmacists and cooks, and whatever you aspired to be, that’s where you would go. There could only be one Black pharmacist, only one Black doctor, one Black chef. Hearing the stories of how all the Black neighbors and people in that area would come to my great-grandfather’s house at 2 a.m. to get medicine, but not having any money or anything so they offered greens or turkey because that’s all they had, and my great-grandfather taking them in immediately and giving them everything they needed.”

Looking back at her family’s history, the actress hopes that moving forward, there’s a “sense of community” in the world.

“Something I really admire about that time is the sense of community,” Lexi added. “Everybody had each other’s back, which I think is something we can definitely learn from right now especially in this moment, we need to get back to that sense of community and look out for each other.”

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Who Are Lexi Underwood’s Parents?

The Freeform actress’ parents are named Stephanie Black and Alex Underwood.

“I didn’t want to be home,” Lexi said about her acting career start while chatting with Airmail in March 2020. “I didn’t want to not do what I loved. I’m super-thankful that [my parents] actually listened to me, because I was 12 years old with big dreams. I convinced [them] to take me out to L.A. for three months … and three months turned into four years.”

Who Are 'Cruel Summer' Star Lexi Underwood's Parents? Family Details
Lexi Underwood/ Instagram

While she almost quit before getting her big break in the Hulu series Little Fires Everywhere, Lexi’s mom was actually the one who encouraged her to take the audition.

“My mom was like, ‘You really wanted to audition for Little Fires. Just go in and do it and do your very best. And if you don’t get it and you still want to go home, fine, that’s totally cool. But at least just go in there and show them what you’ve got,'” Lexi recalled during the same Airmail interview. Of course, she nabbed the role of Pearl Warren and the rest is history.

Does Lexi Underwood Have Siblings?

It’s unclear if the actress has any brothers or sisters, as she hasn’t revealed anything publicly.

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