One stone left unturned? Cruel Summer season 2 came to an end on Monday, July 31, but viewers still have a few burning questions about Megan Landry’s (Sadie Stanley) baby with Luke Chambers (Griffin Gluck).

Before leaving him tied up and drugged in the cabin on New Year’s Eve in the 1999 timeline, Megan revealed that she was pregnant. Luke, shocked by the news, didn’t give his girlfriend the response that she was expecting. It had been revealed earlier in the season during the 2000 timeline that no one knew about the pregnancy except Megan, Luke and Isabella (Lexi Underwood). However, when Megan’s mom, Debbie (KaDee Strickland)  found out and asked what happened to the baby, the teenager played coy.

Keep reading to find out what happened to Megan’s baby in Cruel Summer season 2. 

What Happened to Megan’s Baby in ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2?

No, Megan didn’t suffer a pregnancy loss as some fans speculated after seeing her dispose of sheets covered in blood.

“I did see that online quite a bit. No, that is from Luke’s ear, and you saw quite a bit of blood on the sheets in the cabin scene,” showrunner Elle Triedman told TV Line following the finale. “There’s a lot going on. Easy to forget it. I can understand if you didn’t notice it.”

What Happened to Megan's Baby in 'Cruel Summer' Season 2? Explained
Freeform/Justine Yeung

So, what did happen to the baby?

“It ended up being a false positive,” Elle explained in a separate interview with People. “Perhaps it was also the traumatic event of New Year’s Eve, but she would’ve gotten her period like a week or two later. It’s never explicit.”

Did Megan Kill Luke in ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2?

While Luke’s reaction to Megan’s pregnancy — plus everything else he did throughout the season — appeared to be a good enough reason to want him dead, she had nothing to do with his death.

Initially, it’s assumed that Brent (Braeden De La Garza) killed his younger brother after they fought on the dock and Luke fell into the water. However, the finale’s final scene showed Megan finding a hidden security camera facing the dock, which told the true story. Isabella returned later in the evening to presumably check on Luke. When she saw that he had washed ashore still alive, the teen drowned him and pushed him underwater, revealing that she was the true killer.

“When I first found out that it was me who did it, it was really exciting, but also nerve-wracking,” Lexi told Elle in an interview published following the July finale. “It’s fun, but nobody wants to be the villain, and especially because I had genuinely had so much faith in the fact that Isabella did not do it.”

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