The cast of Cruel Summer‘s season 2 is full of new faces! One of those faces is Braeden De La Garza, who plays the character of Brent. While you might not recognize Braeden, you will *definitely* recognize his famous family. Keep reading to meet the actor, see details on his Cruel Summer character and find out which celebs he’s related to!

Are Braeden De La Garza and Demi Lovato Related?

Fun fact: Demi Lovato and Braeden are cousins! That’s right, both Demi and her little sister Madison De La Garza are both related to the young actor. Madison’s father and Demi’s stepfather is James Edward “Eddie” De La Garza, which is Braeden’s uncle on his father’s side.

Who Does Braeden De La Garza Play In ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2?

Braeden plays Brent in the second season of the Freeform series. ICYMI, season 2 of Cruel Summer follows a completely different storyline from season 1, and includes an entirely new cast.

“It has been incredible,” Braeden told Digital Journal of working on Cruel Summer in May 2023. “It has definitely been my favorite project to work on thus far, and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

In the second season, the plot follows three characters in a love triangle throughout three different timelines surrounding Y2K. Telling the story of the early friendship between Megan (Sadie Stanley), Isabella (Lexi Underwood) and Megan’s best friend Luke (Griffin Gluck). Other stars include Lisa Yamada as Parker and Braeden as Brent, Luke’s older brother.

lisa yamada cruel summer

“Some people may say he’s inconsiderate, but I try to see the good in him, and I chalk that up to him being carefree,” Braeden said of his character. “Brent doesn’t get rattled or upset by much and lives life on a pretty chill playing field. I think that’s admirable when it’s not getting him into trouble.”

J-14 sat down with Braeden’s Cruel Summer costar Lisa Yamada, who told us that she’s most excited for viewers to meet Braeden’s character.

“Braeden’s character is gonna be a fun one,” Lisa told J-14 exclusively. “He’s like a douche-y big brother to Griffin’s character and you have to know him to love him for sure. He is very unlikable, [which is] very similar to Parker in that way, but I think I’m really excited for the Braden De La Garza debate on Twitter for sure.” Neither can we!

New episodes of Cruel Summer season 2 air every Monday on Freeform at 10 p.m. EST.

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