It’s over. Megan Landry (Sadie Stanley) and Isabella LaRue’s (Lexi Underwood) lies came to an end during the Cruel Summer season 1 finale, which aired on Monday, July 31.

“I came in knowing that I wanted to tell a story about an incredibly intense, but non-romantic friendship between two girls,” showrunner Elle Triedman told People following the finale. “I remember, especially at that age, you can have a friendship that is so much more intense than a romantic relationship.”

So, who killed Luke (Griffin Gluck) and where did the girls end up — especially Megan after her scholarship was taken away? Keep reading for all the Cruel Summer season 2 finale spoilers. 

Who Did Luke Page in ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2?

The finale opened with a major revelation — who Luke paged after Megan and Isabella left him drugged and tied up in the cabin. It turned out, his older brother, Brent (Braeden De La Garza), came to the rescue … kind of.

The brothers started fighting on the dock after Luke admitted all his lies, including the one about playing the sex tape at the 1999 Christmas Party and the truth about their mom’s death being a drunk driving accident. Brent ultimately pushed Luke off the dock into the water, where he never reappeared.

What Happened to Megan and Isabella in the ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2 Finale?

The girls continued their on-off friendship, even hacking the police station’s computer to find the security footage from Ned’s (Ben Cotton) cabin on New Year’s Eve. They spot Steve’s (Paul Adelstein) car, which Brent was driving. After confronting Steve about what they saw, Isabella flees Chatham, Washington, where she got on a flight to Ibiza, Spain, and meets a girl on the airplane, and introduces herself as Lisa — the name of her former best friend, who it was revealed earlier in the season had died.

Back in Chatham, Megan got pulled over by Sheriff Myer (Sean Blakemore), who has the tape of what went down in the cabin between Megan, Isabella and Luke prior to his death. However, Isabella appeared to be missing from the footage, so no one saw her pull the trigger and shoot Luke in the ear. Megan, ultimately, got arrested for Luke’s murder. However, she was not uncovered as the killer.

Who Killed Luke? ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2 Finale Spoilers: Show's Ending
Freeform/Justine Yeung

Who Killed Luke in ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2?

Brent admitted to killing his younger brother, Luke. He admitted it to his father after Megan was arrested for the murder.

“She didn’t do anything. We have to stop this. They can’t pin this on her,” Brent said. “She didn’t kill him. I did.”

Following Megan’s arrest, Brent went to visit her at the police station and revealed that Steve tried to cover up Luke’s death. Brent also confessed to planting Isabella’s money in the cabin, attempting to pin it on the outsider. Sheriff Myer watched the entire interrogation room confession and swiftly arrested Brent.

After she was released, Megan later discovered another one of Ned’s security cameras, this one facing the dock where Luke died. Upon watching the footage, it’s revealed that the night of Luke’s death, Isabella returned to the dock to find him still alive, after having washed up on shore. Looking around, Isabella watched to see if anyone was there before intentionally drowning Luke and kicking his body back underwater.

Was There a ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 1 Easter Egg in the Season 2 Finale?

Yes, eagle-eyed viewers were quick to notice a book on Megan’s kitchen counter titled, Out of the Basement: The Kate Wallis Story, referring to Kate Wallis’ (Olivia Holt) storyline in the show’s first season.

“We’re playing in the same world in the sense of it’s just a few years later,” executive producer Michelle Purple told TV Line ahead of the finale. “So, there’s a tie to season 1, but we’re not going to tell you.”

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