Liam Payne has been gushing non-stop about life as a dad ever since his baby son Bear Grey was born back in March. Although Liam has shared tons of adorable tidbits about his little one, the world hasn't been treated to any more photos of Liam in action as a proud father to Bear, except that first ever pic both he and Cheryl shared.

liam payne baby

Liam has been rather busy lately, promoting his first solo single "Strip That Down" while his lady C has been at home being the best mom ever to their son, according to Liam. But now, we have legit proof of what he's like as a dad, thanks to some lucky fans who happened to run into the singer and of course recorded it all for us to weep over.

A boy named Christian, along with his sister, cousin and a few other lucky members of his family and friends, ran into Liam out in Los Angeles. The singer was immediately so happy to meet the little cutie and after first saying hello said, "I can't wait 'till my little boy gets this big, I'm so excited. Do you mind if I ho/d you for a picture?"

BE STILL OUR HEARTS. Watch it all go down:

You can literally feel the love oozing from Liam when he talks about how he's so looking forward to the time when Bear is older and can talk and hang out with his dad. Plus, Liam is already an expert at holding a toddler. How precious was it when he fixed lil Christian's shirt for him?

liam payne little fan

And those matching smiles?

liam payne little fan smile

Melting hearts everywhere right now.

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