Yay! Liam Payne is finally learning the true meaning of growing up. But, we’re not talking about him, of course. We’re talking about his son, Bear Payne. Bear is only four months old but according to the former One Direction heartthrob, his first child is literally huge. Actually, in Liam’s own words, Bear is “humongous.” Okay, even though we haven’t seen a photo of Bear’s entire body or even his full face yet, we doubt this is true. I mean, he’s an infant! But, alas, you can’t argue with Daddy Payno.

Liam chatted with PEOPLE magazine about Bear and his relationship with Cheryl Cole. In regards to Bear, he said, “He’s just big in general — he’s humongous. I’m going to get a sore back. He’s a big boy! He’s healthy, he’s strong, he likes his bouncer.”

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Not only that, but Liam has been away from Bear for awhile promoting his new music. Unfortunately, he had to miss his first Father’s Day. But, lucky for him, it seems like he’ll be back just in time for an important period of Bear’s life. Liam said, “I’m just going home towards the start of what could be the terrible teething.” Yikes, hopefully, he can sneak a photo or two of his boy for the fans to see after he wipes the baby drool from Bear’s face. LOL!

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Liam even confessed that he thought Bear looked like him. His mom solidified his theory when she sent over a baby picture of Liam as a little one. He said, “I thought he looked like me, but then I saw a picture my mom sent me of myself when I was a baby and I was like, ‘Whoa,’ I was a chubster baby.” Clearly, he’s grown out of that stage.

The “Strip That Down” singer touched on his relationship with Cheryl as well – trying for the 1000th time to put the marriage rumors to rest. He said, “In the U.K., you say ‘the Mrs.'” But, that doesn’t really mean they’ve taken that extra step and tied the knot. However, never say never. Liam hinted, “Maybe one day.” We’re going to go with, definitely one day.

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