The collaboration and bromance of your dreams just became a reality.

Yes, Liam Payne and Charlie Puth are not just buds now – which is the most adorable thing ever, but they’re also teaming up for a brand new track together.

No, it’s not some crazy rumor or some brought on speculation, Liam basically confirmed it was true to a fan on Twitter and everyone went absolutely nuts over the news.

So let’s just go back to the start real quick. The first part of this story involves the former One Direction singer first tweeting out, "Mr @charlieputh I have something extra special for you today ???."

At first everyone thought it was some kind of joke considering the emojis he used, but a fan followed up with a tweet asking the “Strip that Down” singer to team up for a track with Charlie that would blow everyone's minds.

Not only did Liam see the tweet, but he responded by revealing that the collaboration has already happened! Yes, a Liam and Charlie track is coming soon, and the best part was Liam’s excitement about it. He responded, “Don't worry here's a small Warning ⚠️ look there's a little sign just for you ? we have made a song and I'm very excited about it ????☄️?."

Handling this news is just not possible! The thought of Liam and Charlie’s voices together, serenading listeners is the stuff dreams are made of!

Though that’s not where the story ends. Proving that this friendship is one that’s here to stay, Payno also shared a hilarious video of himself gifting Charlie shirt that has him over his pocket!

Yes, we are totally serious, and it’s bound to bring smiles and laughter to everyone who watches.

How amazing is that? What everyone definitely needs now is more of Charlie and Liam hanging out together, and of a course a preview of that amazing collaboration.

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