If you're a hard-core Cheryl fan (tbh, who isn't?!) then you might be thinking she's gone a bit MIA recently. Granted, she's just had a baby and she's more than entitled to a bit of rest and relaxation…but we can't be the only ones who are waiting with anticipation for her to be back on our TV screens.

We mean, X Factor is great with Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell, but we can't help but miss Chezza now she's not on the judging panel anymore…

But DON'T WORRY GUYS, because the big boss Si is apparently in talks with Cheryl to bring her back to X Factor…well, kind of.

While she won't be returning as a full time judge just yet, its being reported that Simon has offered her a whopping over £500,000 ($643,000) to appear alongside him at judges houses.

Yup, that's half a million for two days work. We wish we were famous…

A source told heat: “Simon knows having Cheryl on X Factor will be TV gold and viewing figures will go through the roof, as everyone will tune in to see what she looks like and whether she's changed since becoming a mom."

And that's not all Simon has up his sleeves in order to re-vamp his show. Apparently he's is also keen to get Cheryl's baby-daddy Liam Payne along for the trip, with TV bosses suggesting it would be "telly gold."

Speaking about his offer, the source added Simon would even be happy for Bear to come along if it meant she'd be more willing to join him.

"Simon's told her she can bring Bear with her so she doesn't have to leave him, as well as her mum or Liam, who can look after him while she's filming," they said. "Normally, Judges' Houses are filmed in some exotic locations, but if Cheryl doesn't want to take Bear that far, Simon's quite happy for one of the houses to be in the UK."

Eeep. Could baby Bear be about to make his TV debut?!

With all the massive changes Simon has made to X Factor this series, it will certainly be nice to see a couple more familiar faces back on our screens.

If you need us, we'll be waiting on the sofa until judges houses airs!

This post was written by Joanna Freedman. It originally appeared on our sister site, HeatWorld.

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