Liam Payne has clearly moved on from his split with Sophia Smith, which happened well over two years ago. It’s pretty obvious considering he’s now the proud father of a little boy he welcomed into the world with his current girlfriend, Cheryl Cole just last month.

Despite being exes, there seems to be absolutely zero bad blood between Liam and Sophia despite her throwing some serious shade at his relationship with the Girls Aloud singer just last year.

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Of course saying some not-so-nice things about your ex and his current girlfriend would probably be reason enough to never want to hear or speak to them ever again, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for the One Direction singer.

The exes have managed to be on friendly terms with one another and even more surprisingly, stayed in touch.

Sophia pretty much confirmed this when she recently spoke out to UK’s The Sun while at Coachella and admitted that she has recently spoken to Liam. Why did she feel the need to reach out to her ex? To congratulate him on becoming a father! How nice is that?

“I messaged to congratulate him. We’re all good. I’m happy for him,” she said during the chat.

Now that’s quite a different tone from the one she took last year when she called Liam and Cheryl’s relationship, “so weird” in a different interview.

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Clearly, Liam wasn’t offended by the comment considering they’ve stayed in touch since then. Enough time has probably passed for Sophia to probably put everything in perspective, and clearly move on.

It is nice to see that Liam and Sophia have reached a point in where they can be friendly with one another and happy for whatever huge and amazing life changes come their way.

Now that’s what we would consider one very mature breakup.

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