Liam Payne got super-emotional over Zayn Malik during One Direction's performance of "You & I," and Niall Horan's response will put you in a puddle of tears! If you can make it through this video without crying, you're a stronger person than we are.


In the past, Liam sang to the Bradford Bad Boy during that part in the song. And in this video, you can even catch him looking to his right, as if expecting to see his old friend standing there. When he doesn't see Zayn, he turns in the other direction towards Niall because he can't stand to look at the spot where his former bandmate used to be.

Then, Liam and Niall turn around to sing in honor of their old group member, and Nialler has to give his buddy a hug.

Remember the good old days?! Ziam used to sing to each other, and it was always so sweet.

zayn malik liam payne you and i

Even though it seems like the guys are moving on as best as they can after Zayn left the band, it's heartbreaking to see that it's still affecting them so much. And it's making us so yearn for the days that they were a five-piece.

Did this tear you up inside? Are you heartbroken over Liam and Niall's reaction? Let us know in the comments!

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