The guys of One Direction are each fully ~thriving~ with their respective solo careers and yet are still slaying as a band too. Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik started the 1D record-breaking streak with each of the lads' singles hit Number 1 on Billboard's Top Pop charts, with Liam even dethroning Niall. And now, Niall, Harry Styles and Zayn each had their albums hit Number 1 on the Billboard charts, something only The Beatles have ever done before. Pretty incredible, right? The guys have all been super supportive of each other's solo endeavors and Liam wants everyone to know that and if anyone tries to start any drama, he'll set them straight.

OK, so what went down was that Payno RTed a tweet that featured the story documenting this impressive achievement and one fan thought Niall would be a bit annoyed since the tweet mentioned how Liam dethroned Niall. But Liam wanted to make it clear the guys are nothing but supportive of each other and there is and never will be any drama between him and the "Slow Hands" singer. "He's part of the record we broke he will feel amazing especially with his number one album what a bossinova ????,," Liam wrote back.

Yaasss, Liam, serving up that truth. But the fan did send a follow-up tweet letting Liam know she was totally kidding with her annoyed-GIF selection, so clearly no harm was meant here. Still, it's super sweet the "Strip That Down" crooner wants the world to know he and the 1D squad have nothing but love for each other. Payno went on to say he's actually beyond proud that the band is still doing so well collectively. "I'm just happy my band is still breaking a record every week like it's some sort of game," he wrote.

Ugh "MY BAND." Getting hit with a wave of major feels right now. Despite the fact that Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis Tomlinson and even Zayn have gone their five separate ways, they will forever be connected and Liam has made it super clear the four remining members have every intention of reuniting one day. As Liam once told the world himself, "One Direction is who we are and who we always will be," and they're keeping that message alive, that's for sure. If you need us, we'll just be here listening to 1D's entire discography on repeat now.

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