Little Bear Payne looks exactly what you'd expect him to look like – his daddy!

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole welcomed their baby boy into the world over a month ago and it's been an exciting adventure for the first-time parents ever since then. However, there's been lots of talk surrounding the moniker they were going to dub their first child. The couple didn't reveal the name of the child when they first presented him to the world on social media and there were rumors that he hadn't even been named weeks after he was born.

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Finally, Bear was chosen as 'the one' and Liam actually opened up to fans at a recent appearance about what his son looks like and whose idea it was to give him that particular name.

At B96 Radio in Chicago Liam reportedly told a fan, "Liam also said Bear was a mini version of him with Cheryl’s eyes."

Not only that but another fan also allegedly said, "He said that he’s really into traditional names and Cheryl is really into outlandish names. But he didn’t even fight about it because Cheryl was the one doing all the work."

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Aww! This is too adorable. Just wait a couple years and there will be a mini Liam running around everywhere – literally, we cannot imagine anything cuter. And the fact that Bear has Cheryl's eyes means that this kid really got lucky in the genes department.

Liam has been super busy working on his solo music and he debuts his first single on May 19th. His fans can hardly wait but what comes with releasing new music is all of the press and promos for it. Ultimately, Liam will be traveling and Cheryl will be home with the babe. Even though we don't have specific confirmation that he said all of these things above, it sounds like something that would definitely be true.

Cheryl is putting in a lot of work while she lets Liam live the dream. The least the former One Direction superstar could do was let her choose his name – a cute name at that!

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