The One Direction guys have clearly gone off in their own separate directions by releasing solo music, and tacking fatherhood – in the case of Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson.

Despite not taking the musical world by storm all together, the guys are still closer than ever and Liam revealed exactly when the next 1D reunion will be taking place. Sadly, fans won’t be invited to the party seeing as the guys will be getting together to celebrate the newest and youngest member of the clan, Bear Payne.

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According to The Sun, the singer recently spoke with UK’s Capital London Breakfast where he revealed that the guys will be getting together for the male equivalent of a baby shower. He said, “I’m going to have some sort of like, it’s like the man’s equivalent of the baby shower – the head wetting thing.”

“I’ve had to put it off of a little bit because of work things, but it’s coming around soon. I’ve put around the invite to the rest of the boys saying to come, but I don’t think Harry can make it. I think Niall’s gonna swing by. We’ve got a little golf course thing going on in the back garden and he can’t resist a bit of golf that boy,” he continued to say.

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How sweet is that? Just goes to show that even if the guys aren’t directly working with one another, they still continue to be a part of each other’s lives. Hopefully Harry can find some time in his busy schedule to get together with the guys and celebrate little Bear. Who knows, maybe even Louis will stop by with little Freddie – because clearly the two youngest and honorary 1D members need to become the best of buds.

Here’s hoping Liam or one of the other guys will share a picture of the sure to be epic reunion when it does happen.

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