No one saw this coming!

Liam Payne and the rest of the One Direction boys have been busy working on solo music. Everything has been super successful so far and Directioners can't wait to see what is in store for the future whether it means solo tours, more albums or a reunion. Whatever it is, the world has their eye on 1D – per usual.

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Now that Liam is a new daddy, he's making even more headlines than he was when it was just about the music. He's been doing promo for his debut solo single, "Strip That Down", and has been talking all things Bear Payne, Cheryl Cole and obviously his current relationship with his former bandmates.

Liam chatted with Vodafone Big Top 40 about which one of the guys' solo songs he liked best. His answer may surprise you. He didn't choose Harry Styles' new rock sound, or Niall Horan's singer-songwriter melodies or even Louis Tomlinson's EDM inspired track with Steve Aoki. Payno chose Zayn Malik's solo music as his favorite.


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Yup, you read that correctly. Liam explained, "See now, well the thing is, I would, honestly, I would say Zayn’s song was my favorite….Yes, because it’s my style of music." Liam reportedly mentioned during the chat that Zayn's single, "Pillowtalk" was actually more successful than anything Harry, Niall or Louis has put out there. Yikes. Did he just diss his bandmates or did he just give Zayn the biggest compliment ever?

As every Directioner knows, there was a huge falling out between all of the boys. Zayn bashed the band and revealed how unhappy he was. Obviously, this didn't sit well with the rest of them. But, this whole thing shouldn't be too much of a shock. Liam and Zayn were always very close. Not only that but Zayn revealed that Payno was the only one he had reached out to after he left.

Seems like they still may have more respect for each other today than they let on.

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