21-year-old rapper Lil Peep suddenly passed away, and now details surrounding his death are slowly starting to come out. A spokesperson from the Tucson, Arizona Police Department told Entertainment Tonight that Lil Peep's manager started looking for him after the group he was hanging out with hadn't seen him in a while. Lil Peep was reportedly found unresponsive inside his tour bus. Emergency personnel attempted to revive the singer, but he was allegedly pronounced dead at the scene. It's suspected that he passed away from a Xanax overdose. Xanax is a prescription drug used to treat anxiety and panic disorder. It should not be taken by anyone who isn't prescribed. If someone is prescribed the medication they must not take more than the recommended amount directed by their doctor.

Lil Peep was rumored to have dated Bella Thorne in September 2017. However, they were not an item at the time of his death. That doesn't mean she still didn't have a lot of love for him. Weeks later, she's still honoring her former friend on social media. She posted a message on Twitter with the message, "Still can't believe peeps gone. So f-cking weird. So sad."


Shortly after Lil Peep's passing, scary details emerged surrounding his death, leading police to open a full investigation of the case. TMZ has spoken to law enforcement, who said they are looking into text messages from a woman named Mariah Bons. She allegedly went to see Lil Peep before he was pronounced dead on his tour bus. What's disturbing about the messages is that she claims the rapper was "high af because of me and my friend lol." Not only that, but she claimed in a text thread that she tried to wake him and he didn't respond. Mariah allegedly wrote, "He passed the f-ck out my brother called and I tried to get him to say hi to my brother but he wouldn't wake up and so I had him talk to mackned."

It would be truly heartbreaking if Mariah could have done something for Lil Peep in these moments and didn't. It's unclear about exactly what the police are investigating in the text messages, but we can assume that they would like to know why Mariah thinks she and her friend were the reason why Peep was in this state of mind.

Lil Peep's U.K. rep confirmed the news about his passing to The Guardian. Police are also looking into seeing if the Xanax he ingested was laced with the highly toxic narcotic, fentanyl. A statement provided by Sarah Stennett, the CEO of First Access Entertainment, who worked with Lil Peep last year read, "I am shocked and heartbroken. I do not believe Peep wanted to die, this is so tragic. He had huge ambition and his career was flourishing […] I have spoken to his mother and she asked me to convey that she is very, very proud of him and everything he was able to achieve in his short life."

While Lil Peep may have been on the rise to stardom, he already mingled and befriended some of Hollywood's biggest elite stars. Bella was actually one of the first celebrities to express how she was feeling on social media. She posted an emotional message on Twitter as well as Instagram. Her tweet reads, "Peep you deserved more out of life. Life didn't do your greatness justice."

Bella talked to her fans on an Instagram story and said, "Anybody out there who is a Lil Peep fan, you guys know how talented he was. You guys know how great he was. Well, he was even more f–king great as a person." The amount of people Lil Peep touched during his life is really insurmountable. Other celebrities including Sam Smith, Post Malone, Pete Wentz, Marshmello, and Diplo. At the time of his death, Lil Peep was dating Arazylea – who is 5 Seconds of Summer member Luke Hemming's ex-girlfriend.

Arazaylea posted a tribute to her boyfriend on Instagram with a collage of the fun times they spent together as well writing, "i can’t believe i’m writing this. you’re in my heart. i’m always yours. i don’t have words to express what you’ve done for me in such little time. i love you so much. you live forever in me. i don’t know how to do any of this without you now… i love you so much i want to wake up from this nightmare."

Hours later she posted another Instagram tribute with the caption, "i love you monkey. i feel you here. you are in everything. i just wanna be with you again. nothing will ever be the same. i will never be the same. i’m trying everything to be strong for you but it’s so hard i don’t wanna be here without you. the pain is heavy in my soul. you are heavy in my soul."

Lil Peep's manager, Chase Ortega, tweeted before the news had broke, "I’ve been expecting this call for a year. Mother f-ck." Fans are attributing this tweet to Chase finding out about Lil Peep's death. Chase has since made his Twitter private.

One thing is for sure, Lil Peep loved and appreciated his fans until the end. His very last Instagram was posted hours before his death with the caption, "Look at my beautiful fans awwwww." Obviously, his career and his fans were incredibly important to him and he was incredibly important to them. The amount of love and support Lil Peep is getting is truly beautiful. Our hearts go out to his family, friends and fans.

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This story was originally published on November 17, 2017 and has been updated with new information.

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