Leave it to Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse to once again, not even give us the slightest confirmation that they’re actually dating IRL, and yet still totally slay our hearts with their cuteness. It all went down on Friday night when the Riverdale co-stars happened to be filming some Betty and Jughead scenes together, so Lili decided to document their time on set since it happened to be going down during the Blood Moon lunar eclipse. 

She treated us all to a hilarious recap of how she was hanging with her BFF Cole and how in case something catatrophic happened that evening, she’s glad to spend her final hours with him. Cole, on the other hand, was totally unamused by it all and his bored AF vibes compared to Lili being so over-the-top sentimental is kind of amazing. Legit #CoupleGoals, although you know, they won’t tell us if they’re actually a thing. But I mean, you don’t go to the Met Gala and look at each other like this is you’re just friends, right?

lili and cole met gala cute
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You can FEEL the love, but I digress. Let’s get back to this gem of a IG story where Lili calls Cole her bestie, which is obvi so adorable. Not as cute as calling him her boyfriend, but we’ll let you have this one, girl. Below, a recap of all that went down, ICYMI. You’re welcome. 

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