Riverdale has become super popular since the show made its debut last fall, and it’s all because fans are falling in love with the cast, namely Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa and Camila Mendes. They literally have us at the edge of our seat week after week and their chemistry on-screen is on point. All of that is because these guys are actual besties IRL. How do we know? Well, Lili is proving it by spilling the details about all of the Riverdale kissing scenes. That got your attention, didn’t it?

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to know what goes down during a kissing scene on the hit series. Is it weird? Is it romantic? Is it something that the whole cast dreads when they see it written into the script? Hardly. Lili said, “I feel like it’s very comfortable at this point. I mean, it’s The CW you’re not going to get too crazy. It’s just like kissing and hugging.” However, she did mention that Archie and Veronica’s shower scene was “definitely pretty spicy.”

Lili continued, “I think we’re all so comfortable with one another that it’s not even really a thing,” Reinhart said of her co-stars. “If we have a kissing scene, it’s fine. We don’t really think twice about it. When new characters have to kiss, it’s a little different and you’re like, ‘Oh, OK! What this?'” LOL. If fans remember correctly, Lili has kissed two of her co-stars, Cole and Camila.

She explained, “But it’s easy, we’re all friends. It would be more nerve-wracking if you had to make out with someone that you didn’t know. So if by chance we do end up having to kiss each other, it’s fine and it doesn’t feel weird.” This is literally the best thing ever. Juicy details about Riverdale make outs is exactly what fans need in their life. Plus, who wouldn’t want to know that Lili feels completely comfortable kissing Cole? Then again, we have a feeling they aren’t acting much when Bughead has to heat things up.

Cole and Lili are obviously rumored to be dating in real life yet they haven’t verbally confirmed the rumors themselves. Lili even spoke about the former Disney Channel hottie in the same interview and said, “We get along quite well. We’re doing good.” It’s vague but we’ll take it. We have a feeling those kissing scenes are helping them get along even better.

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