The cast of Riverdale really seems to be a genuine group of friends off-screen and it always warms fans’ hearts right up to see they often hang out together IRL when they’re not working. And there are plenty of dating rumors swirling around in that crew too and it’s easy to see why since they really do all just have great chemistry. Lili Reinhart just admitted in a new interview with W what it was really like meeting her co-stars KJ Apa, Camila Mendes and her rumored love Cole Sprouse and well, let’s just say she was just as taken aback by the actors’ beauty just like the rest of us.

“I thought KJ was so hot, so charming. I had seen Cole and Camila at the studio test, and thought Cami was so beautiful. It’s funny, I don’t really remember having an opinion on Cole, to be honest. Of course, I had grown up watching [The Suite Life of Zack and Cody] but I wasn’t really starstruck. He just seemed like this really attractive, normal guy,” Lili said.

OK so let us appreciate that Lili thought KJ was a total babe when she first met him and we’re like same girl, same. While neither she or Cole has flat out confirmed or denied if they really are an item off-screen, it’s interesting that she really didn’t think too much about him when they first met. Guess she didn’t anticipate all the chemistry they would have together, which is why Bughead is at the top of everyone’s favorite Riverdale ship list.

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Lili went on to explain though that fame is still something she is grappling with since her role as Betty Cooper is her first big project and now she had people noticing her wherever she goes. Something to keep in mind if you ever run into Lili: she’s not Betty. At all.

“Fans feel like they know who we are. And they feel entitled to touch us or ask us personal questions, which people have. You would never walk up to a stranger and hug them. You would never walk up to a stranger and ask them who are they dating,” Lili explained. “But when people come up and ask for pictures, it’s like, of course. And sometimes I am in a terrible mood, but I’ll still do it, and then I do feel like, ‘What if that fan experience was a let down for them and I wasn’t as exciting in person?’ But I am not Betty Cooper. I’m always going to try to be as happy and grateful to fans, but I’m also just trying to live my life. I don’t have an on switch all of the time. It’s something that I am getting used to, or trying to. I don’t know how anyone can get used to that.”

So just because you see someone on TV every week playing your fave character, doesn’t mean you actually know them on a personal level as much as we all may think we do. Even if I like to think Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead are my actual friends. Good to know.

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