Former Nickelodeon star Lilimar recently spilled all the tea about her experience on the throwback show Bella and the Bulldogs, and we’re so here for it! That’s right, the newly 20-year-old made her return to YouTube with a  seriously epic video that included a lot of behind-the-scenes stories.

From the sound of it, the actress had a seriously positive and amazing experience while filming the show back in the day. For those who missed it, the fan-favorite series premiered back in 2015 and besides Lilimar, starred Brec Bassinger as cheerleader Bella Dawson who shows off her epic talents and quickly becomes the new quarterback for her middle school’s football team. Coy Stewart, Jackie Radinsky, Buddy HandlesonFroy Gutierrez and Haley Tju also appeared in the show’s two seasons.

According to Lilimar, the cast was super close while filming. Before the cameras were rolling they always participated in a team cheer to get them pumped up. Can someone say costar goals?! Throughout her 15-minute video, she also revealed that she didn’t know anything about playing American football — and still doesn’t today.

“I didn’t know anything before the show, didn’t know anything during the show, still don’t know anything after the show,” she joked. “I mean, I’m familiar with the game’s vocabulary, I could tell you the difference between a quarterback and a linebacker, the rules of the game, a couple of basic things. But honestly, I don’t know much, nor would you catch me just randomly watching a game if it’s on.”

Lilimar also said she’s very similar to her character from the show, Sophie, and recalled the casting directors giving her lines for Sophie after she originally auditioned for Bella. Get this, you guys, Lilimar also said there was nothing on top of the iconic Silverado West staircase. Yep, “absolutely nothing,” according to the star herself.

For those who didn’t watch the show when it was on the air, check out Bella and the Bulldogs — which is now streaming on Netflix — to understand how seriously important that piece of information, and the rest of Lilimar’s set secrets, really are!

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