Nickelodeon's series Bella and the Bulldogs may have only had two seasons, but it's a show that will always mean a lot not only to fans but to those who worked on it too. Especially for Brec Bassinger, Bella Dawson herself. The starlet has her own YouTube channel now and in her latest video, Brec did a Q & A, answering questions fans tweeted out to her. One fan asked her if she missed BATB, and that's when she got real.

"There is not a day that goes where I don't miss my Bella and the Bulldogs family and being on set. It was literally two of the best years of my life and I'm still in the stage where when I'm watching re-runs of the show, I miss it so much that I can't help but cry. I know I'll get to the point of my life when I watch it, I'm just so happy and grateful for those experiences which I am, but as of right now, I still just miss it so much that I can't help but cry. I love them, I miss them so much. I miss the cast, everyone," she said.

UMM, excuse us while we cry now! Knowing just how much being on the show will always mean to Brec is nothing but heartwarming, especially for fans. There really wasn't any formal announcement that the show wasn't coming back for a third season but when the final episodes of Season 2 were airing, it was made pretty clear from the cast that this was indeed the end.

So what is Brec up to now besides working on her YT channel? Well, she's actually working on a new show, which she spoke about in the video too.

"Yesterday was my first day on set of a new show and I'm very excited about it. I've never done a show like this, it's definitely for a more mature audience and I get to play my real age. On a lot of the shows I've [done], I'm either playing 13 or 14 and I'm 18. And on this specific show, I get to play a senior in high school, so I'm is basically my real age which is really cool because I've never gotten to do that before," she said.

She can't share any major details about the project yet, but it's cool to know she's doing something different. Plus, she played Ross Lynch's younger sister in the upcoming movie, Status Update, so girl has been busy. She also filmed a part in Forever In Your Mind's Disney Channel pilot Forever Boys, but it's not unclear if that series will get greenlit, since it has been quote some time since they filmed that project. Either way, Brec is doing tons, despite that she really misses her BATB fam.

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