From her Nickelodeon days to becoming a major star! Lilimar made her debut on the network playing the role of Sophie in Bella and the Bulldogs.

“I didn’t know anything [about football] before the show, didn’t know anything during the show, still don’t know anything after the show,” she said of the series in a YouTube video from June 2020. “I mean, I’m familiar with the game’s vocabulary, I could tell you the difference between a quarterback and a linebacker, the rules of the game, a couple of basic things. But honestly, I don’t know much, nor would you catch me just randomly watching a game if it’s on.”

Then, in 2018, she went on to star as Sage in the series Knight Squad. Even though her time on both shows has since come to an end, the actress is still killing it — especially on the red carpet. But that’s not all she’s been up to! In 2018, the actress revealed that she has big hopes to success in roles behind the camera.

“While I would rather just jump into my professional career full-time, acting is not exactly a stable job 24/7. One day you could get chosen for a show that ends up with eight seasons and another you could end up a whole year without a job,” Lilimar told Bello. “I’ll be starting some online college classes soon for directing. I’m pretty excited about it, as well as getting to learn with the directors I’ve worked with on Knight Squad and precious projects.”

Following the Knight Squad series finale in 2019, the former Nickelodeon star spoke with J-14 exclusively about what her character would be up to now.

“From the last episode, they were basically made into knights, finally. That was always Sage’s main life goal, so I think right now she’s probably a very well experienced knight and would probably have a year or two under her belt by now,” she shared in February 2021. “I think we would probably see her [as] much more mature — I think she’s still wicked. I think she’s still bitter at some points. I think she’s still herself and still best friends with Buttercup. Now, she’s maybe a woman.”

Talk about a major glow up for Sage. We’re so here for it!

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