Get excited, Henry Danger fans, because Nickelodeon just announced that even more episodes of the hit series are on the way.

That’s right! As diehard fans of the show know, it’s currently in its fifth season. And while we were totally hoping for the network to announce that the series was renewed for a sixth, we’re super stoked that we’re getting 10 more episodes this season than originally planned.

TBH, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise — especially when you consider how obsessed people are with the series. We mean, we personally can’t get enough of Jace Norman trying to balance his average life with his superhero sidekick duties, so we’d prefer to never see it end. Luckily, the addition of 10 episodes means Season 5 will include a grand total of 40 episodes altogether, and it brings the series total up to 127. That’s a lot of Henry Danger, but hey — we’re not complaining!

Despite looking forward to these new episodes, fans still have lots of questions. For example, what is there to look forward to in the rest of Season 5? And also, is a Season 6 even being considered? Luckily, we caught up with Jace back in January and he did dish some details.

“It’s going to be our craziest season,” he told J-14. “I think that we’ve really hit our stride, like it’s the fifth season. We’ve been doing this for so long. You know, we know what we’re doing so we’re just kind of going all in and just trying to give them the best fifth season. We’ll see what happens!”

As for whether or not we’ll get a Season 6, he revealed that it’s totally up to the network.

“That’s up to Nickelodeon! I have no idea. I think that if [fans] really pushed for it, maybe. But it’s been five — they got enough!”

Uh, speak for yourself, Jace. We’ll never have enough episodes of Henry Danger, and although we’re unsure about the future of the show beyond Season 5, the announcement of 10 new episodes is a total win. We can’t wait!

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