If there is one thing we know for certain about Jace Norman, it’s that the Henry Danger actor is super busy! Between filming the fifth season of his hit Nickelodeon show and gearing up for his movie Bixler High Private Eye to come out — he sure has a lot to be excited about. Oh, and did we mention he also runs his own business, Creator Edge Media, on the side? Yeah, there’s nothing the 18-year-old star doesn’t do! We caught up with Jace, and he spilled about all his upcoming projects — including what it was like working with his Bixler High Private Eye co-star Baby Ariel!

Aside from confirming she’s “super cool” — which like, duh! — the actor also admitted that he totally doesn’t call her by her ~internet~ name. “I’ll just call her Ariel. I don’t call her Baby Ariel,” he said. “I just realized that was her thing just now.” LOL — who would’ve known?!

Watch the video above to check out our whole interview with Jace!


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