Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite TV show? Well, wonder no more! J-14 exclusively caught up with Sean Ryan Fox from Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger, and according to him, the cast is always goofing around on set — especially him and his co-star Jace Norman.

Currently, the show is in its fifth season, which means that for five seasons straight, Sean and Jace have been making amazing memories together. And do you want to know the 17-year-old’s favorite memory with the series lead? The time he planted a smooch right on his cheek!

“One of my favorite memories with Jace is when he and I planned a little bit where I kissed his cheek for one of the takes,” Sean said. “It was hysterical. We are always coming up with funny things to add to the show and sometimes they stay in the scene. Although, I’m sure that the cheek kiss won’t ever be seen by the public eye it was definitely funny.”

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While we’re super bummed about probably never getting to see that scene for ourselves, we do have to say that their friendship seems awesome. We love how they don’t take anything too seriously, and how they manage to make a day at work fun for everyone. Turns out, the “Perfect Crime” singer totally agrees, and their hilarious antics are actually what he loves best about their friendship.

“We are a bunch of goof balls on set,” the actor said. “That’s what I think I love most about our friendship is that we are just a bunch of goof balls. Whenever we hang out we always just have fun and are constantly doing weird stuff and we kind of bounce of each other with our jokes. We could probably act out a whole funny scene without even a script just us going back and forth improvising.”

NGL, that sounds like SO much fun, but the best part is that all the fun they have on-set carries over to off-set, too!

“The dynamic is the same as it is on set as it is off set. We are just two teen guys who like to hangout, makes jokes, and just act weird.” Uh, can you say “friendship goals?!”

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