While Jace Norman got his start on one of the most popular children’s television shows of today, the Nickelodeon star is afraid the “kid sitcom” is basically an endangered species. Just like Jace’s Gen Z-targeted series, Henry Danger, shows of millennials’ past like Hannah MontanaiCarlyThe Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Zoey 101Drake & Josh, and many more truly shaped the childhoods of so many. But with Instagram, YouTube, Netflix and so many more newer platforms taking over, Jace feels these classic kinds of television comedies might be getting replaced.

“I would say that Henry Danger is of the last kid sitcoms,” the 18-year-old actor told Flaunt Magazine. “The whole time I’ve been on Henry Danger I’ve had, like, anxiety about how kids are going to stop watching TV.”


And that is precisely why he created a company that aims to help social media influencers build their brands.

“I thought, ‘I have to do something,’ and I decided to make a company that was in the social media field.”

J-14 caught up with Jace when he first launched his company, Creator Edge Media, last year. We learned that it’s essentially a marketing agency that aims to help creators deliver quality branded content – but in an authentic, natural way.

“I saw a lot of these influencers who post their ad and they don’t really have a good integration into the brand. It’s just holding up the product real quick or just like saying ‘Hey, buy this!’ real quick. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate these brands with the creators or the influencers – whatever you wanna call them – in a way that doesn’t hurt the eye of the people who follow them in the first place,” he exclusively told J-14.

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He’s even acting as a mentor for young people in the entertainment industry to launch their careers into whatever path they choose to take.

“Obviously, the whole thing about Nickelodeon [and Disney Channel] is for a lot people like Selena Gomez, I mean you go down the list, Ariana Grande and stuff, it’s really a great experience. You get to learn a lot as kids and then, eventually, you want to lodge off into another thing. I’m not necessarily saying that I want to push them into singing or whatever, I’m just trying to help them let go. Like me, I want to do this kind of company and that’s where I’m going right now or whatever. I’m just helping them take what they have, take what they’ve learned, take their followings that they have, and go wherever they want to,” Jace told us. “I’m totally here to mentor them and help them get through it on a personal level, not just a business level.”

Well, regardless of whether we’ll see more of him on social media or television, all we can wish for is some more Jace content in our lives.

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