Back to PCA! Zoey 101 premiered on Nickelodeon in 2005, and all these years later, we’re still obsessed with the show.

The fan-favorite series starred Jamie Lynn Spears, Victoria Justice, Matthew Underwood, Paul Butcher, Erin Sanders, Christopher Massey and Sean Flynn, among others, and followed a group of students at California’s fictional Pacific Coast Academy. After four seasons, Zoey 101 officially came to an end in 2008 and fans are still hoping for a comeback!

“Zoey was the problem solver and the good-at-everything girl. But we need to add some depth to her,” Jamie Lynn said during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in May 2020, explaining where the iconic character would be now. “She and Chase would definitely have some type of tangled love story. I don’t think they would have just left PCA and gotten married. Maybe Zoey would be working in fashion in some capacity.”

The actress, along with her former costars, have been vocal about getting the original cast back together for a reboot in the near future.

“I’ve had conversations, and we want to be able to tell everyone’s story the best way we can, and finding the right home for it, I think that’s the most important part right now,” she explained to E! News in July 2020. “These conversations were being had before quarantine. … We’re still having them, but everything’s just at a slower pace.”

During a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight that same month, Jamie Lynn teased that “we want [the reboot] to be good.”

“We want it to relate to the fans. That’s why the show worked in the first place, because we connected to our fans and where they were in their life,” the Sweet Magnolias actress shared in July 2020. “So we want to make sure we find a home and the best story to tell.”

They even released an updated version of the theme song, “Follow Me” in October 2020. Jamie Lynn re-recorded a more modern version of the track and recruited fellow former Nickelodeon stars to appear in the music video. “So I think that all this did was push [the reboot] to happen sooner,” the songstress said of the track. In July 2023, the stars reunited for the Zoey 102 movie. 

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