There may be a trip back to Pacific Coast Academy in the near future!

Ever since Zoey 101 came to an end in 2008, fans have hoped for a reboot, and now that just might become a reality. Starring Jamie Lynn Spears, Victoria Justice, Matthew Underwood, Paul Butcher, Sean FlynnErin Sanders and Christopher Massey, the Nickelodeon series first premiered in 2005 and followed the everyday trials and tribulations of a group of students at the fictional Pacific Coast Academy boarding school.

Over the past few years, rumors about bringing the show back have been swirling, especially after the cast reunited for an episode of All That in July 2020. Now, are you ready? Because the entire cast (plus some pretty major influencers) are teamed up for a special livestreamed event to premiere the music video for a reimagined version of the Zoey 101 theme song “Follow Me.” Jamie and Chantel Jeffries released their remixed version of the iconic song on October 22, 2020.

Even though details about bringing the students back to PCA have been kept under wraps, some cast members have shared major teasers about the possible reboot.

“Zoey was the problem solver and the good-at-everything girl. But we need to add some depth to her,” Jamie told The Hollywood Reporter in May 2020 about where her character would be now. “She and Chase would definitely have some type of tangled love story. I don’t think they would have just left PCA and gotten married. Maybe Zoey would be working in fashion in some capacity.”

She’s not the only one who has spoken out over the years. Scroll through our gallery to read everything the Zoey 101 cast has ever said about a reboot.

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