Calling all Zoey 101 fans, your answer is finally here! Yep, over the years we’ve all wondered whether the cast was Team Chase or Team James for Zoey, and now we know!

During a recent interview with Buzzfeed, not only did the stars — Jamie Lynn Spears, Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Christopher Massey, Kristin Herrera, Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood — spill some serious behind-the-scenes secrets about the fan-favorite Nickelodeon throwback series, but they also answered the age-old question. And, no surprise here, they’re all Team Chase.

Austin Butler‘s very nice, but Chase, come on!” Matthew said.

“It’s gotta be Chase,” Jamie added. “I think that as far as the storyline goes, it’s Chase all the way. But we obviously love James and we love Austin. But, like for Zoey, it’s gotta be Chase!”

Erin chimed in and said, “There’s no Zoey without Zoey and Chase, come on, let’s be real.”

There you have it, guys, the cast has spoken and, TBH, we wholeheartedly agree with their statements!

For those who missed it, the stars recently had a pretty epic reunion during a brand new episode of All That — which aired on Saturday, July 11. Jamie, Paul, Sean, Christopher, Kristin Erin and Matthew reprised their roles for a sketch called “Thelma Stump,” where Jamie played an elderly bodyguard who refused to let the Pacific Coast Academy alumni backstage. Naturally, Jamie went up against herself and attempted to save the day.

After this mini reunion hit TV, obviously, talk about a possible reboot started to circulate and, yes, the cast knows all about the rumors.

“We want to be able to tell everyone’s story the best way we can, and finding the right home for it, I think that’s the most important part right now,” Jamie told E! News, adding that Zoey’s storyline has always been her “favorite story of all.” “There’s a lot to still be said, and we’ll figure out where they are and how that all goes into play.”

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