Get ready, you guys, because more than 12 years after it went off the air, Zoey 101 may finally be making a comeback! Yep, that’s right, Jamie Lynn Spears just revealed that there are “conversations” happening about a reboot of the iconic Nickelodeon show, and we’re seriously freaking out!

“I definitely think we should give the fans what they’ve been asking for. We’ve had conversations, and hopefully things will come together quickly, but we also want to do things the right way, and find the right home for it… I would like it [to go Netflix],” the actress told Maria Menounos during a recent interview. “That’s the business side. Do I call Netflix? … I want it to happen. I’ve had conversations with people at Nickelodeon. I think it’s just about, hey Netflix, call your people! I’ll have your people call me people!”

The blonde beauty also dished on where she thinks her character, Zoey Brooks, would be now, and if she’d still be in a relationship with Chase Matthews!

Zoey 101

“We were like the biggest tease in the whole entire world… If the show comes back, I do think that their love story has to be a bit of a broken one. I don’t think it could be like, ‘Oh, we got right out of PCA and had a wonderful love story!’ That just wasn’t Zoey and Chase,” she continued. “It would have to be some break ups, and some makeups… But of course the Zoey fans want to see them together! … They love each other, but they can never make it last!”

For those who forgot, Zoey 101 aired from January 2005 to May 2008, and it also starred Victoria Justice, Paul ButcherErin SandersChristopher Massey, Matthew Underwood and more. And get this, you guys — back in September, Victoria revealed that she’s totally down to reprise her role as Lola Martinez. Plus, Paul confirmed that he’s ready too!

“I can’t necessarily confirm, but just connect the dots is all I’m going to say,” he told TooFab in August 2019. “Things are looking good. I’m definitely interested. I know a lot of people are interested. We have talked to people about it. Nothing is confirmed yet, but things look good.”

Ugh, this needs to happen ASAP.

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